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Life Long Learning News

8 May, 2011 - 17:00

A full programme of activities is planned for the 3 week exchange visit to Portugal. 

12th May – 3rd June 2011

Programme for Alto do Moinho

12th May-Thursday        Arrival and Orientation

13th May - Friday           Welcome Meeting at Alto do Moinho   

14th May- Saturday        Trip along River Tejo.  (Seixal Council)

                                       Encounter for Women      4-6pm

15th May - Sunday         Families together      5pm

16th May - Monday         Lisbon Day Trip

17th May - Tuesday        Cultural Event - Cultural Centre  8pm       

18th May - Wednesday    Assisting at government Food Bank   & Women’s Craft                                                                                                                                                       

19th May - Thursday       Visit to Nursing Home 4pm

20th May- Friday             Craft  & Health Focus – Dealing With Stress

                                         Irish /Portuguese cultural evening 8pm                            

21st May- Saturday          Health focus Conference on Alzheimer’s   3-6pm 

22nd May -Sunday           Family Meeting -  5pm

23rd May- Monday          Sightseeing in Sintra

24thMay - Tuesday          Irish Breakfast & Activities  10am                                                                                                                                                               

25thMay -Wednesday      Food bank   & Women’s Activities


Programme for Santo Andre/Sines

26thMay - Thursday        Welcome meeting    8pm              

27th May – Friday            Reception  at Sines Council  &   Children and Youth Activity  

28th May - Saturday        Irish Cultural Evening  8pm                          

29th May - Sunday           Womens Craft session  10.30am                                    

30th May - Monday         Visit to Council Authority   &   Craft Workshop 4pm                                        

31st May - Tuesday         Sines –  Craft Work Shop 4pm                  

1st June - Wednesday      Walk & Sightseeing

2nd June - Thursday        farewell meal with partners

3rd June  - Friday             Departure for Ireland     

8 May, 2011 - 16:58

For over 3 months six senior volunteers from CIP have taken part in series of inititives in preparation for a 3 week visit to Portugal in May. The group consisting of the following members, Kathy Rowe, Valarie Kinkead, Audrey Jackson, Norma Gordon, Stephen and Hetty Smith have been engaged in cultural awareness sessions, basic language classes, cookery and craft sessions and infomation evenings about the forthcoming project which commences on 12 May and runs until 3rd June. The volunteers will be hosted by the portuguese group, Igreja Evangelica de Alto do Moinho located near Lisbon. The emphasis of the exchange programme is the development of family support structures and a series of social projects fill the programme in Portugal. The initial two weeks will consist of sessions in either the Centro Cultural de Alto do Moinho or the Igreja Evangelica de Alto Moinho and will be followed by a week in the Alentejo province where the volunteers will be involved in a simiiar project.  The programme has the support of the local portuguese council and is backed by the National offices of Grundtvig in thye UK and Portugal. 

9 April, 2011 - 19:28

CIP host two Portuguese students

CIP is currently hosting two quality commitment training placements on a10 week programme. The two participants, Marco Mouro &  Marisa Coelho, come from Northern Portugal where they studied in the Escola Professional de Fafe and will be working in an office setting with CIP and gaining practical experience within an intercultural organisation, assisting in the delivery of projects.