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Frequently Asked Questions - Children and Education

Childcare Options

Children shouldn’t be left alone at home. It is not against the law to leave a child unattended at any age but it is against the law to leave children in circumstances which put them in any kind of danger. So, for example, leaving a young child alone for several hours could place them in physical danger, emotional harm through loneliness and fear and neglect by not providing carers for them.

  • If you are moving to UK and you have school age children (age 4 – 16 years) you need to apply for a school place.
  • You can go to the local school and talk to the head teacher. If there is a place available you can take an admission form to complete and return to the local Education Authority.
  • Or go direct to the local Education Authority to find your local school. You will need to give details about your name, your children’s names and your address.

Whether you have just left school or no matter what stage you are at in life, you can enter into further education or higher education.
There are numerous opportunities available; either

The Student Loans Company (SLC) is a UK public sector organisation established to provide financial services, in terms of loans and grants, to over one million students annually, in colleges and universities across the four education systems of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.
Our other key responsibility is the administration of the collection of repayments, from over two million customers no longer in higher education.

For further information about the following :

If you require information about establishing your academic qualifications from your home country, contact NARIC
NARIC is  a network of Centre of information for academic recognisation  providing information to EU citizens.

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