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Where to find a place to live?

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Local newspapers have adverts from landlords and estate agencies about accommodation available in the area. An appointment may be arranged to view the accommodation. It is always best to take a friend who has lived in the area with you.

Most estate agents have an office near town centres and can provide necessary information.

Some recruitment agencies provide their workers with accommodation. However, should your services with an agency be terminated you will be obliged to leave the accommodation provided by the agency.

The Northern Ireland Housing Executive provides accommodation in certain circumstances. You will be required to complete a housing application form. A Housing Officer will then visit you, where you currently live, to assess your housing needs. If you are eligible for housing you will be awarded points and your name put on a waiting list. The greater your housing needs the more points you will receive and the greater your chance of being offered a house. Points may be awarded for the condition of your current house and for situations such as overcrowding, lack of facilities etc. Typical rent for an NIHE house is approximately £80.00 per week while a flat will cost approximately £70.00 per week.