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When should I go to the hospital?

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Craigavon Area Hospital is an acute hospital that offers a wide range of services including accident and emergency (A&E) Out of Hours Doctor and Dentist Department.

The accident and emergency department is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Access to the hospital services is via:
Ambulance: If there is a major accident or emergency you can get help from the emergency services by dialing 999 or 112 and ask for an ambulance, If you need an interpreter tell the operator.

Own transportation.  If you are seriously ill but are able to travel to the hospital go to the A& E unit. At A&E people are treated, not by order of arrival, but according to the severity of their illness or injury.
If you feel that your illness is not very serious, you should make an appointment with your Doctor (GP) or ring the Out of Hours doctor’s service.  Tel: 0870 600 60009

GP Referral. If you need hospital treatment your GP can refer you to a specialist or department at the nearest available hospital unit.  (A referral is a letter which your doctor sends to a hospital dept.) For more information and details on hospital services please contact either your GP or the hospital directly.

Outpatient Appointments: After the GP has written to a specialist or hospital department you will receive a letter either asking you to confirm that you still wish to have an appointment or informing you that an appointment has been made.

If you are unable to attend a hospital appointment it is important to inform the dept that you will not be attending. If a patient fails to attend three consecutive appointments the Hospital Dept may not offer further appointments and the patient will need to return to his GP for treatment or another referral.

Interpreters. If you require an interpreter while attending hospital services you can request an interpreter and one will be provided either in person or via telephone.

Craigavon Area Hospital
68 Lurgan Road
BT63  5QQ
Tel 028 3833 4444

If you require further information & Support Contact
Edel Corr Quality & Patient Support Manger
Tel 028 3833 4444 or Tel 02838612395