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What is the minimum wage?

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The National Minimum Wage is a set amount of money almost all the people working legally in the UK have a legal right to be paid.
If you are not paid the National Minimum Wage, call the National Minimum Wage Helpline on 0845 6000 678. The information you will receive will be confidential; they can help you to claim the national minimum wage as well as any pay your employer owes you in arrears.

At present, the National Minimum Wage is:

  • £5.93 per hour for adults aged 22+
  • £4.92 per hour for people aged 18 - 21 inclusive 
  • £3.64 per hour for young people (younger than 18 and older than school leaving age, under school leaving age, until the end of summer term of the school year when you turn 16).

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