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What if you lose your job?

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You may lose your job for a variety of reasons. The company may close or have to make redundancies. You may lose your job for another contractual reason or because you have done something wrong and have been dismissed through the disciplinary procedure. If you lose your job you need to understand your rights and what to do next.

Notice pay

If you are dismissed due to closure, redundancy or for another contractual reason you will normally be entitled to notice pay, sometimes referred to as severance pay. Whatever your contract says, your employer must give you at least the statutory minimum period of notice, which depends on how long you have worked for them:

• one week if you have been continuously employed for between one month and two years
• one week for each complete year (up to a maximum of 12 years) if you have been continuously employed for two or more years.

Your company can make you work the period of your notice or it can pay you instead of (in lieu) of notice.

Disciplinary dismissal

If you are dismissed through the disciplinary procedure, you may or may not be entitled to notice pay. If you are not paid notice pay you may be able to make a claim to the employment tribunal.

Registering with Jobcentre

If you lose your job for any of these reasons you should make an appointment with the local Jobcentre  and register as out of work. They will help you find alternative work and determine whether you are entitled to jobseekers' allowance (JSA).                    

Job & Benefits Office
Portadown Office
140 Jervis Street                           
Portadown, BT623HA               
Tel 028 3839 7200


Lurgan Office                                                                                                                      
Alexandra Crescent Lurgan
BT66 6BB
Tel 028 3831 5600

If you believe you have been treated unfairly by your employer in any of these circumstances you may have a claim to an Industrial Tribunal.