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What can I expect on the first day of employment?

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When you get a job and have receive your start date you must report to work at the time and on the date agreed.

On the first day of employment it is good practice to give the employee some induction training. This training varies from one company to another
During the induction you will receive information about the company’s rules & regulations, health and safety, emergency procedures, who is the line manager and what is expected of you.

You are entitled to a statement of written terms and conditions of employment shortly after starting work. These terms are often referred to as the contract of employment or contract of service.

If you work for an Employment Agency or a Gangmaster you will probably receive a contract for service, not a contract of employment. There are important differences between a contract for service and a contract of employment. Your status at work as to whether you are a worker or an employee is very important. Workers and employees have different rights at work.