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What about waste disposal?

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Rubbish must be placed in a wheeled bin for removal by the collection lorry. Refuse bags will not be collected. It is illegal to leave rubbish on the street and could result in a heavy fine in Court. Every household in the Borough should have a

Blue bin for general household rubbish 
Green bin for recyclable material. 

Newspapers, cardboard, plastic bottles food and drink tins. Do not put plastic bags, glass or leftover food into your green bin.

Brown bin for garden waste.  Grass cuttings, leaves, hedge trimmings dead plants and flowers. Do not put food leftovers, plastic bags, bin liners, gravel, stones, soil, cat or dog waste in your brown bin.

Your bins are collected on the same day each week, except during public holidays, but it is important to remember that your blue bin is collected one week and your green bin the next. Brown bins are also collected on the same day as your green bin, although probably not at the same time. Please, therefore put your bin/s out for collection by 8am.

Recycling Inspectors will be inspecting green and brown bins and if they contain the wrong materials they will be sealed and not collected. If this happens remove all unsuitable items and put your bin out on your next scheduled green/brown collection day.

To help you remember which bin to put out each week you can log onto our website: or call our freephone helpline 08003898203 for advice and further information.

If you do not have a wheeled bin they can be purchased at  a cost of £33 if collected from Carn Depot, Craigavon Borough Council, Carn, Portadown, or £38 if delivered. The office based at Carn Depot is open Monday to Friday from 9:30am -12.30pm and then 2pm to 4.30pm.

If you are a tenant then your landlord must provide a wheeled bin for your rubbish. Further information please contact Carn Depot. Tel 028 3839 6064