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What about sick pay?

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If you are too ill to work, you may be entitled to sick pay from your employer. There is no law that states an employer must pay sick pay, other than the employee's statutory entitlement to SSP, Statutory Sick Pay, which is a National Insurance contribution benefit.

Some private companies offer sick pay as a part of the contract of employment. These provisions vary. Other private companies may offer non-contractual sick pay schemes which are commonly known as ex gratia payments.

The public sector workers such as local authorities, civil servants, police, teachers, and health service workers, normally benefit from organisational sick pay schemes.

If your employer has dismissed you because you were sick, you became pregnant or if you are being harassed at work and your employer has not addressed this issue, seek legal advice from your Trade Union  if you are a member; or from:

Citizen’s Advice Bureau 

Portadown Office  
15-17 Edward Street
Portadown  BT62 3LX      
tel  028 3835 3260    

Lurgan Office
6 Union St,  Lurgan BT66 8DY 
Tel 028 3832 3571