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What about the racist incidents?

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The Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) define a racist incident to be:

‘any incident which is perceived to be racist by the victim or any other person.’

The Police Service are committed to identifying and prosecuting perpetrators and reporting incidents to police provides essential information which, enables the police to prevent further incidents taking place and to identify those responsible.
Incidents can be reported by:-

The Police Service has immediate access to interpreters 24 hours a day for non English speakers.  Minority Liaison Officers have been appointed in every Police District.  These officers have been specifically trained to advise and support victims of hate crime.  

For further information download our Racial incident leaflet:
Racial Incidents
Racial Incidents - URDU
Racial Incidents -.HINDI
Racial Incidents - ARABIC
Racial Incidents - ITALIAN
Racial Incidents -.PORTUGUESE
Racial Incidents.-.Latvians
Racial Incidents.-.Lithuanian
Racial Incidents.-.Polish  
Racial Incidents.-.Romanian  
Racial Incidents.-.Russian  
Racial Incidents.-.Slovakian
Racial Incidents.-.Ukrainian
Racial Incidents.-.Tetum