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What about help for victims of crime?

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Victim Support is  a voluntary organisation which assists people who were victims of crime. This service is free and confidential and is available …

  • At your home,
  • At the A&E department of hospitals
  • At tribunals
  • At the offices of Victim support

If you have been a victim of violent or hate crime in Northern Ireland after 1st May 2002 you may be entitled to compensation.

It is vital that you make a compliant as soon as possible.
Inside 48 hours you should

  • Inform the incident to the police
  • Seek immediate medical assistance

How to claim compensation?

The form is simple to follow. A form may be obtained form:

  • The nearest Police Station    
  • The offices of Victim Support
  • In voluntary organisations

Victim Support offers the following :

  • Information about your compensation request
  • Help you fill in the form
  • Give counselling after the presentation of your compliant

Victim Support
Annsgate House
70/74 Anna Street
Belfast BT1 4EG
Tel 028 9024 4039     Fax 028 9031 3838