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What about fishing?

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A fishing license is required for all types of inland fishing.  Course License allows you to use two fishing rods to fish for Roach, Bream, Perch Pike Rudd and Carp. A Game license allows you to use one fishing rod to fish for trout and salmon. All course fish should be released and returned to the river of lake that they have been caught in. You can take two Pike per day, but Pike weighing over 8 kilograms must be returned.

On most rivers there is a bag or catch limit of four Trout per day and two Salmon per day. Please adhere to these rules. All juvenile Salmon and all Trout less than 595.34grams must be returned to the river or lake.
Some local rivers and lakes are under the control of local angling clubs please check what the catch limits are before fishing.

Further information can be obtained from:

Your local fishing tackle shop  ( Fishing licenses are sold here)
The Fishing Conservancy Board for Northern Ireland.  Tel  028 3833 4666