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What about claiming back income tax?

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The Inland Revenue tries to ensure that everyone gets what they are entitled to, pays what they owe and understands why, so that everyone contributes to the UK’s needs.

People in employment in the UK have to pay income tax, which their employee takes off their wages. The Inland Revenue tries to ensure that the correct amount of income tax and National Insurance contribution are taken from wages.
Everyone who works in the UK pays income tax on his or her salary. This is a legal requirement.

Whenever workers arrive in the UK they should contact the tax office and request a P86 form to ensure that they are paying the appropriate amount of tax. If a migrant worker finishes employment and finds him of herself without work (and cannot claim jobseekers) then they can apply to claim there income tax back. This is through a P50 form. In addition, some workers can claim some of the Income Tax they have paid back, if they leave the UK before certain time limit by completing a P85 form.

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