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What about buying a car?

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There are a number of forms and procedures to be completed before you drive your car on the public road:

  • Ensure that the person you buy the vehicle from completes section 6 of the vehicle registration certificate (V5CNI) and gives you section 10 to keep.
  • Ensure that it has a valid test certificate (MOT), if it is over four years old from date of first registration.
  • Have a valid tax disc for the vehicle – form V10 available from Driver and Vehicle Licensing Northern Ireland. (DVLNI)
  • Have a valid driving licence for that type of vehicle ( form Dl1)
  • Have insurance to drive the car
  • A vehicle from another country needs to be reregistered in Northern Ireland after 6months (form V55/5) or sooner if the tax runs out or immediately if it not currently taxed.

Forms can be obtained from a Post Office or DVLNI office.