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What about access to Health Care?

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Anyone ‘ordinarily resident’ , including migrant workers, is entitled to free healthcare aside from those services which are not free to anyone but are means tested ( dentists, opticians, and prescription charges) The UK also has reciprocal agreements in place regarding the NHS and the entitlements to free treatment for visitors from all EU/EEA countries, thus visitors fro  these countries should not be charged for any treatment which becomes necessary during a temporary stay in the UK, other than normal charges that UK residents pay (e.g. prescriptions.)

Emergency Social Services Support. For EEA/A8/A2 Nationals. If they are not entitled to other benefits such as housing etc., the Trust is able to exercise its powers under the Health and Personal Social Services (NI0Order 1972, e.g. to provide accommodation and subsistence in order to avoid a breach of human rights  (Human Rights Act 1998).
NB Trusts are always able to exercise powers to provide services to children under the Children’s order (NI) 1995, irrespective of the status of their parents.