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Weekly Programme

Each week CIP delivers a range of activities and projects where new participants are always welcome:


Monday:                          PRE-SEOL ENGLISH CLASSES 

                                           10 week course running from Mon 9 Sept 2015 10am-12pm

                                           @ CIP CENTRE 


Tuesday:                        Dance Classes  

                                          10am-12pm @ CIP Centre

                                         International Afterschool Club 3.15pm - 5.13pm - Oasis Centre

                                          Oasis Drop-In Youth Club   7.00-9pm Oasis Centre


Wednesday:                 Over 50+  Support Group  10am-12pm

                                        Body Combate     10am-12pm

                                         @ CIP Centre.

                                          Conversational English  7=9pm CIP Office


Thursday:                       Parents & Toddlers Group10am-12pm

                                          @ CIP Centre

                                          Afterschool Club in Brownlow  3.15 -5.15pm

                                         Drumgor Youth




Friday:                           PRE-SOL ENGLISH CLASSES

                                       10am-12pm 10 week course starting  Sept                          





Besides the above projects other activities are delivered throughout the year.