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Transferring money from/to abroad

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Electronic transfer of funds to your UK bank account ("sending money by wire") - Quick, but expensive

Cheques - A slow method; cheques may take several weeks to clear

Credit card - Withdrawing money from your credit card can be expensive because of high interest charges

Traveller’s cheques - Keep a record of the numbers of traveller’s cheques and credit cards in case of loss or theft

Other international money transfer services - MoneyGram or Western Union. Compared to a bank transfer this can be a more expensive and less secure way to move money, but it is useful if the sender or receiver doesn't have a local bank account.
The sender is given a reference number and must tell this to the person who will receive the money. The receiver goes to the agreed location, shows identification and quotes the reference number, and can then receive the money. This is very quick way of transferring money- receiver might get them in 20 min. This method is good when person is in trouble and requires cash.

Other ways to obtain cash

Usually in the supermarkets you can get "cashback" when you use your card to pay for your shopping. This means - the cashier gives you the amount of money you request, and this amount is taken from your account in addition to the cost of your shopping.


Keep your bank statements, water/gas/electricity/telephone bills, rental agreements, as well as any correspondence as a proof of your addresses, duration of your stay in the UK, these documents may help you to open a bank account or to apply for an extension to stay as a student in the UK.


  • Only carry small amounts of cash with you; use cards or cheques to pay for larger bills.
  • Keep your personal number private. Do not write it down, and do not tell anyone. When you enter your personal/PIN number, stand in front of the machine and make sure that nobody can see the numbers you are typing.
  • Do not let a stranger help you to use the machine, even if the card is kept.
  • Do not forget your card in machine. Keep concentrated.
  • Check the daily withdrawal limit for your card. If it is high, make sure that your bank or insurance company will pay back any money stolen if you lose your card
  • Be careful to make sure that you are not followed after taking money from a cash machine.