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Senior Volunteering Visit to Portugal

A full programme of activities is planned for the 3 week exchange visit to Portugal. 

12th May – 3rd June 2011

Programme for Alto do Moinho

12th May-Thursday        Arrival and Orientation

13th May - Friday           Welcome Meeting at Alto do Moinho   

14th May- Saturday        Trip along River Tejo.  (Seixal Council)

                                       Encounter for Women      4-6pm

15th May - Sunday         Families together      5pm

16th May - Monday         Lisbon Day Trip

17th May - Tuesday        Cultural Event - Cultural Centre  8pm       

18th May - Wednesday    Assisting at government Food Bank   & Women’s Craft                                                                                                                                                       

19th May - Thursday       Visit to Nursing Home 4pm

20th May- Friday             Craft  & Health Focus – Dealing With Stress

                                         Irish /Portuguese cultural evening 8pm                            

21st May- Saturday          Health focus Conference on Alzheimer’s   3-6pm 

22nd May -Sunday           Family Meeting -  5pm

23rd May- Monday          Sightseeing in Sintra

24thMay - Tuesday          Irish Breakfast & Activities  10am                                                                                                                                                               

25thMay -Wednesday      Food bank   & Women’s Activities


Programme for Santo Andre/Sines

26thMay - Thursday        Welcome meeting    8pm              

27th May – Friday            Reception  at Sines Council  &   Children and Youth Activity  

28th May - Saturday        Irish Cultural Evening  8pm                          

29th May - Sunday           Womens Craft session  10.30am                                    

30th May - Monday         Visit to Council Authority   &   Craft Workshop 4pm                                        

31st May - Tuesday         Sines –  Craft Work Shop 4pm                  

1st June - Wednesday      Walk & Sightseeing

2nd June - Thursday        farewell meal with partners

3rd June  - Friday             Departure for Ireland