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How to register with a GP?

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In order to receive medical treatment and support, you must register with a doctor at a Doctor's Surgery.

If you come to the UK with a job or to start self-employment, you are normally entitled to free healthcare. For in-depth information regarding NHS free health service eligibility check the Department of Health website. If you need information and advice about health, illnesses or health services available, you can call NHS Direct on 0845 46 47.

Do I have to pay for emergency treatment if I have an accident?

Regardless of your nationality the emergency treatment given in a GP Surgery or in a department similar to A&E is free.

Most people in the UK register with a local doctor called a General Practitioner (GP) for general health needs. GPs work in offices known as surgeries. GPs can advise you on your physical and mental health.

To register with a doctor visit your nearest Doctors’ Surgery; you can find your nearest surgery at or by calling NHS Direct on Tel 0845 46 47, in the Yellow Pages, phone book, or at the Library.

The surgery will tell you if they have vacancies. They will give you a form to complete and then you will be able to make an appointment to see the doctor.
You will be expected to keep the appointment unless you tell the surgery you cannot attend. The appointment is free and confidential. The doctor will diagnose your health problem and may refer you to other health services.
Ask for an interpreter if you need one.


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