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How much is rent?

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Rent prices vary according to the area, quality and type of accommodation you are renting. When renting, always consider the price of the rent, utility bills, (e.g. electric), the deposit a landlord may request and if you the tenant have to pay the rates.

Average prices in the Craigavon Area :
• A small room may cost around £50.00 a week per person.
• A one bedroom flat may cost £75 per week
• A 2 bedroom house  may cost £80-£90 per week
• A 3 bedroom house may cost £100-130 per week

These prices may include or exclude rates.

The contract may be for fixed period of time ie, 6 months


A deposit is a sum of money you normally have to give to a landlord at the beginning of the tenancy, which s/he will hold as a guarantee in case you damage the property; if you damage the property, s/he can keep this money in order to repair the damage. Normally, landlords request one month in advance as a deposit. In addition, you may be asked to pay your rent in advance, so that a new tenancy may cost you a deposit and a payment in advance.

References when renting

Some landlords will not accept a tenant without a references. If you are new to the country, you are very unlikely to have references from the UK and this could prove to be a problem for you. So, how do you get references? A person can get references in various ways, here are some examples.

• Do some Volunteering, find your Volunteer Centre. eg (Craigavon & Banbridge Volunteer Centre,  telephone  028 3834 2741 and volunteer! This way you could get references, not only for purposes of getting accommodation, but also for future jobs.
• Start studying a course! The teacher from your class may be able to provide a reference.
• Mix in with the local community at local events and gatherings, could make you friends and they may give you a personal reference.
• Again – a person can not do a lot of these things without speaking English, at least to a conversational level. So before leaving home, learn English!

N.B.: Please note that the prices above are given as a GUIDELINE ONLY and they will vary depending on various factors, such as: the region where you live, the condition of the accommodation, the location of the property, the facilities available, and the number of people sharing the property.